Zion Is The Foundation Stone Of God’s Plan

It might surprise many to discover that everything that happens is part of the plan of God. It is laid out in the Prophecies whereby the Spirit left messages for its own and they are called the children of Israel. The mystery of Zion and why it is the foundation stone of that plan was hidden from view before this time so that only when the population is ready to receive its message could it have an impact. That time has come.

At the time shown between lives the Spirit commissioned me to ‘tear down the wall of churches and to bring back the young.’ In a following commission a man on a cross appeared before me and said “Take me off the cross.”

Before either can be completed a huge learning curve was involved that took me to the bottom of the pit to uncover the lies, myths, and things that oppose God and the origin of religions. It was at times like walking through a sewer for the stink of the slime and deceit rose into my nostrils. The rubbish that was ploughed through on my journey is what is making humanity turn on itself and will bring complete destruction to the earth.

Part of the learning is understanding how words break apart into their original meaning and are a record of behaviour from the start of man’s progress into an intelligent state of being. Symbols became letters and the meaning of each is as another word that when joined together into terms are a sentence.

The names in the bible became like sentences and ‘Zion’ means ‘light’s eye of strength’. It can also be interpreted as ‘Spirit’s eye of strength’. It is now at this time that it is having an impact because the strength will bring down the wall that was built by the religions and that stands as a citadel before the religions. They hide behind the secrecy and mysteries they generate because they have nothing to do with God or they would not preach their lies.

God is truth and the Spirit is a mighty power. It cannot be seen but it can be heard and felt and it does speak to its own. It is now pouring over the children of Israel and they are receiving their inheritance as miracles of healing and peace come to them. The others are nothing more than the soil in which the garden of God has grown and developed its blooms. The harvest is ready and Mount Zion will gather it in.

The Misinterpretation of Zion by Pastors and Priests

Communication with the world is instant and it has provided a huge megaphone to reach everyone everywhere. People are flooding to it and searching the sites for examples of truth and to check everything that has been written or presented.

It is where the truth is found and ‘Zion’ means ‘light-eye-strong’ or ‘the light of the eye of strength’. That light is beaming now and it is reaching into the darkest corners of man’s creations to overturn the work of the two beasts of Revelation. Religious leaders and priests are fighting against it and calling Zion something else. One author has suggested that by uttering a few words written by him one can reach it.

There is little doubt that we are in the last days when one assesses the things happening in the world at this time. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit I was commissioned to ‘tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.’ It was followed by three visions in which my teaching overtook that of the New Testament and the Internet is the means to do it. The year was 1984 and a long time before that media came on-line.

Since then the Spirit has taught me the plan of God and why some are born with a link to the Spirit and others don’t have it. The ones who are connected are new lights and they are beaming with joy, miracles are happening around them, and they have peace beyond understanding. Those who don’t have it are troubled and many are on the march as bombs and other things destroy their homes.

Without the Spirit disease, despair, and problems of all types are experienced. That is because people have turned their backs on the real God, the Great Creator that fills the entire length and breadth of space and is in control of all things. They have chosen to worship and pray to the false gods of man’s making and they believe in heaven and hell, that are without evidence.

Now we are in the last days as shown to me in a vision where the middle was noon and the arrival of the myth of Jesus Christ. This was put up by Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD while the New Testament is a compilation by Jerome who was appointed to unite the fledgling church years after the emperor’s death.

Revelation 13:12-18 identifies Constantine as 666 and this is what was shown to me during the period of my learning. He strengthened the wall of confusion and created a thick fog that hid the truth. Now the mountain of Zion is removing that wall and the fog is clearing